jeans to flatter Buying Jeans to Flatter your Shape

Buying the right jeans to flatter your figure can be difficult. You know the situation – the jeans your friend has bought make her bum look small and cute – and you try them on, but they just give you a muffin top. Here follow some typical figure problems and the jeans that will best flatter them.

Muffin Top

A muffin top is the colloquial expression used to describe the situation where fat hangs over the waistband of the jeans, in much the same way as a muffin hangs over the cake case. This problem is most apparent when low-cut jeans are worn, and the waist is tight fitting. If this is your problem area, go for higher cut jeans (jeans with a mid to high rise) and go for stretch jeans or looser jeans so that they don’t dig in.

No Waist

If you are slim, lower waisted jeans may fit better as they don’t fit on the true waist. If you prefer to wear higher rise jeans to disguise or eliminate a muffin top, go for stretch denim which will cling to the curves that you have. Boot cut jeans will also help to balance the look.

Pear Shape

This is the most common of all the figure types, and is actually a healthy shape for your heart. The major problem with jeans though, is that if they fit around your hips they are too large around your waist. Again, if you are slim, go for a low-rise jean that obviates the need for them to fit around your waist. If you prefer a higher rise style, go for a boot cut that will help to balance out larger hips.

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